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Reasons to build your idea and business with us


The Venture Studio strives to work with passionate people who want to build a better future. We invest in CoFounders who have the passion and personality to build tech-driven businesses together. We bring the wealth of our experience to CoFounders from across the UK.


Every venture is different and every CoFounder has a unique combination of distinct qualities and needs. As investors and CoFounders ourselves, our job is to see the potential in each unique idea and help create the conditions for success.


The Venture Studio brings over 12 years of experience in building startups and has helped to grow and nurture over 80 different businesses.

We believe that this deep well of knowledge is one of the key components of our ongoing success. We know what doesn't work and we have great insight, tools and experience of what might just help a business stand out from the crowd.


The Venture Studio brings together specialists from a range of disciplines, from Marketing to Engineering, from Product to Sales. Each one of us has significant startup experience and we are all available to support the ventures we build.

Founder vs CoFounder

What do we mean when we say we are looking for a CoFounder?

We are not looking for someone that is necessarily already a part of a founding team, but instead we are looking for someone who wants to benefit from becoming part of an experienced team.

Someone we can share resources with, offer help to and who we can bridge the gap between their current day job and their entrepreneurial dream job.

Members of our CoFounder+ programme are perhaps already experts within a domain, with a great idea and open to opinions on how to make it happen.
Our CoFounders
Venture Building

What is Venture Building?

The Venture Studio is a venture building company. But what does that actually mean?

Venture building is an approach to building a startup that differs greatly from the likes of the traditional venture capital or the accelerator model.

As venture builders we are more active in the business and throughout the entire lifecycle of a startup.

From idea to reality, from first investment to revenue generation, from validation to scale and exit, we are part of the venture and with you all the way.

What can you expect from a venture builder like The Venture Studio?

Hands on approach
Hands-on approach
We don’t just sit back and leave it all to you.

We provide resources and expertise alongside a dedicated team to work towards building and growing the startup.
Venture studio structure and process
Structure and process
The startup world can be a chaotic place, especially when you are early in your journey. We provide a structured, tried and tested approach to building a startup.

This can lead to early cost-savings and greater clarity into the direction the business should take to give it the best chance of success.
Experienced Venture team
Experienced resources
The Venture Studio’s international team boasts significant depth in its skill sets.

From experienced entrepreneurs, Marketing and Sales, to Engineering and People.

If a startup needs it, we have it.