The CoFounder+ Programme

Many would say that to build a startup from scratch you need to:

  • ◇ Give up your day job
  • ◇ Be or hire a techie
  • ◇ Know what you want to build

...we don't.

Images showing individuals working on a startup.
We know that it takes so much more than one person, one skill set and a fixed idea to build something truly successful.

Our commercial and technical start up experts, work with passionate CoFounders, like you, and together we build a complete 360 degree team that can build real value.

Together, we cofound businesses from the ground up, each doing what it takes, using our own skills and learning from each other along the way, collectively building a tech business with focus, passion and purpose.
That’s the CoFounder+ programme.


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users worldwide


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We partner with ambitious people in the early stages of their journey.

Working together to expedite progress, reduce wastage and lay the foundations for a successful future.
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Phase 01


Time scale:
2 - 3 months

A 2-3 month programme of intense focus, centred around rapidly validating the business idea and gaining commercial traction.

Together we will focus on understanding the market and validating the business by engaging directly with users and potential customers to ensure we’re focused on solving a real and sizeable problem from which we can build a high growth business.

You’ll be paired with two experienced startup experts with a focus on Product and Commercial, with access to The Venture Studio’s wider network of Entrepreneurs, UX Designers, Marketers, Engineers and Founder communities.
Image showing head of product and commercial at TVS.

Phase 02


Time scale:
6 - 12 months
Year 1+

Once the next stage of funding is secured, now the focus shifts to developing an initial MVP that our early adopters will use and pay for.

At this stage, you'll become part of a bigger team, collaborating with experts across Product Design, Engineering, Marketing and Sales, all focused on achieving the same growth metrics.

Together we continue to improve our offering, validate and refine the business model and begin tactical marketing activity to engage your target audience to acquire revenue from your first customers on the road to building a great business.
Image showing head of product and commercial at TVS.

Phase 03


Time scale:
12 - 24 months
Year 2+

Following the next successful funding round, our team (that's you too) are focused on growing the customer base, driving user traction and increasing revenues.

We continue to build, measure and learn on a daily basis and begin to gain a deeper understanding of our users.

Using the insight and learnings from releases there are continuous iterations of the product features and service offering to meet and exceed customer needs, so we become their first and only choice.
Image showing head of product and commercial at TVS.

Phase 04


Time scale:
12 - 24 months
Year 3+

If we make it this far, we should be in a position to scale with an ambitious plan to accelerate the number of customers and revenue generation.

Alongside this, we cast our attention to the business operations, making sure we continue to scale to meet current and future demand, whilst balancing profits and quality of service.
Image showing head of product and commercial at TVS.

Phase 05


Time scale:
12 - 24 months
Total duration:
4 - 7 years

And finally, if we arrive at this point, we hope to have a business valued in excess of £50m.

Here the focus may be different for different shareholders, but will likely result in at least a partial exit from the business when the time and valuation is right.
Image showing head of product and commercial at TVS.

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We partner with passionate people to build high growth and disruptive businesses that can scale to a valuation and potential exit of £30-£50 million within 7 years.