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Appruvr is a new platform aiming to solve the slow and complex qualification checks in the recruitment industry and eradicate qualification fraud.


1 to 1 video pet health tracking providing veterinary teams with the data to make informed care decisions whilst putting you in the driving seat of your pets health.


AQI Fluid intake monitoring system preventing illness and reducing lives lost due to hydration related illnesses.


Simply and quickly estimate the profitability of items being sold on leading platforms like eBay and Amazon.


Connecting like-minded university students to increase attendance and reduce isolation to improve student wellbeing at university.


An editable digital visual timeline communicated between homes and schools reducing anxiety in children and disruption in classrooms.


The app is the perfect supplement to your pen and paper D&D 5th Edition adventuring and will make tracking your inventory easy.


A smart garment that monitors chest sounds overnight, supporting the ongoing care of Asthma and COPD.


Gamified, portable hearing tests for those that find standard hearing tests difficult to complete that can be tested anytime, anywhere.


Streamlining how qualification credentials are verified between learning providers, candidates and employers throughout the recruitment process.

You Convey

The future of home moving is less stressful, quicker and more engaged. Shorten the process by up to 8 weeks with YouConvey.


Trialwell is here to support health and wellbeing, connecting people with clinical trials and studies that match your health profile, free of charge.


Your Live Selling Partner - empowering individuals in Southeast Asia to succeed and make money live selling on social media.


The community fashion rental app. Allowing users to earn money by renting out their clothes, as well as renting affordable fashion items from others. Better for your purse, and the planet.


Empowering and reassuring expectant parents to enjoy their pregnancy experience, with the knowledge that their baby is moving.


Hand hygiene monitoring system that allows hospitals to detect usage of hand hygiene stations, improving patient safety and reducing HCAIs.


Combining the latest technology and psychological techniques to enable football clubs to maximise academy player potential.

Laura Holland | Trialwell

“It’s been a real learning experience, being able to draw upon the specific startup experience of the team has meant we’ve been able to achieve a lot using lean methodologies and focusing on validating that we’re building the right product, before we started to build.”

Eddie Goldsmith | YouConvey

“I wanted to take MY concept further but I honestly didn’t know what the next stage was. If it hadn’t been for the team here, I could well be sitting at home with my concept not doing anything at all. But now I have a product, customers and it’s a real business!"

Rebecca Taylor | Aquarate

“We knew we had an idea and a strong product that could be developed, but we needed a team with the capabilities to do this. We’ve been able to develop our technology from an idea to ready to market state in a very short period of time that otherwise would have taken us several years to develop.”

We have helped over 80 non-technical founders to turn their ideas into reality.
We partner with ambitious founders to collectively build a meaningful business that can scale to a valuation and potential exit of £30-50m within 7 years.